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Tending to your complexion is like caring for a garden.  It needs a certain amount of water, nutrients, soil, and sunshine to grow and be healthy. Pure Joy Skin Care Retail Skin Care Products While facials and body treatments are necessary for healthy skin, so is HOW you take care of your skin in between your Pure Joy  appointments, which includes good quality skin care products.

My Pure Joy skin care products are produced and purchased directly from the laboratory without paying the middle man.  Providing my private label skin care line allows these affective skin care products to be affordable to my clients.  Every skin and body care product is developed under a set of strict guidelines; a "creed" that insures the results I demand - and the clear, resilient and healthy-looking skin my clients deserve.  The laboratory uses performance ingredients at effective levels.

They use plant and mineral sources and their products are completely paraben and phthalate free!  My private label skin care products
do NOT contain formaldehyde releasing preservatives, ingredients from bovine sources, lanolin, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, propylene glycol or mineral oil, synthetic color or fragrance, or comedogenic ingredients.  They are not tested on animals and all are designed with gentle preservative systems to protect the stability and integrity of every formula.

And because inflammation is the underlying factor in most skin problems - from acne to aging and dryness to redness - ultra soothing ingredients are added to almost every product to help alleviate the signs of chronic inflammation - because every skin needs to be shielded from its destructive effects.

The laboratory's development team uses highly effective, non-drug solutions for problems like acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, irritation, dryness, chronic redness, aging and skin discoloration.  I can assure my clients that you will see results without the discomfort
or side effects that can be caused by many OTC drugs.

I, personally, love and use these products and I am sure you will, too.  I invite you to experience...well...Pure Joy!

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