Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting and Strip Lash Application

Strip Eyelash Application and Lesson
Pure Joy Skin Care Strip Lashes
A professional-quality set of beautifully dramatic faux strip eyelashes. These lashes intensify and add depth to the eyes with high-drama appeal. Create spectacular effects for parties, special events, photo shoots, or just for fun.  Adhesive keeps lashes in place.  Strip lashes are reusable, so I will train you on how to reapply your lashes.

$30 per application (Includes 1 set of strip lashes & re-application lesson.)

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Services
Pure Joy Skin Care & Wax Studio Eyelash Tinting Eyebrow TintingA vegetable dye is used to tint eyelashes and/or eyebrows.  For eyelash tinting, a protective cream and a thin cotton pad is applied under the eyes which prevents the skin from getting stained.  With your eyes closed, the tint is applied to the eyelashes and/or eyebrows with a fine brush and allowed to set, then gently removed. This permanent tint on eyelashes and eyebrows may last one to two months depending on the fall or growth of your own hairs.
Eyelash Tinting  $15, 15 minutes                      
Eyebrow Tinting  $15, 15 minutes

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