Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting and Strip Lash Application

Strip Eyelash Application and Instruction
A professional-quality set of beautifully dramatic faux strip eyelashes. These lashes intensify and add depth to the eyes with high-drama appeal. Create spectacular effects for parties, special events, photo shoots, or just for fun.  Adhesive keeps lashes in place.  Strip lashes are reusable, so I will train you on how to reapply your lashes. 
$20 per application (Includes strip lashes & re-application lesson.)

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Services
Pure Joy Skin Care & Wax Studio Eyelash Tinting Eyebrow TintingA vegetable dye is used to tint eyelashes and/or eyebrows.  For eyelash tinting, a protective cream and a thin cotton pad is applied under the eyes which prevents the skin from getting stained.  With your eyes closed, the tint is applied to the eyelashes and/or eyebrows with a fine brush and allowed to set, then gently removed.
Eyelash Tinting  $15, 15 minutes
Eyebrow Tinting  $15, 15 minutes

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